4 Types of Grant Funding Every Grant Seeker Should Know

Securing grant funding is arguably the best way for businesses to take the next step by providing crucial resources to fuel growth and innovation. However, understanding the various payment methods associated with grants is essential to successfully accessing and managing this valuable source of capital. Let’s explore the key payment options you may encounter in the grant space.

Reimbursement Grants

This model requires grantees to first pay for eligible expenses out of their own funds, then submit documentation to the grant provider for reimbursement. While this approach may present initial cash flow challenges, it ensures the proper use of grant funds and reinforces the importance of meticulous record-keeping.

Installment Payments

Some grant programs disburse funds in multiple installments, often tied to the achievement of specific milestones or the completion of project phases. This payment structure helps grant providers monitor the progress of funded initiatives and ensures that funds are used as intended.

Lump-Sum Grants

In contrast to installment payments, lump-sum grants provide the entire award amount upfront, giving grantees the flexibility to strategically allocate resources and manage cash flow. This payment method is commonly associated with smaller-scale grants or those with a straightforward scope of work.

Cost Matching

Certain grant programs require grantees to contribute a portion of the project costs, known as cost matching. This shared investment demonstrates the grantee’s commitment and skin in the game, often enhancing the competitiveness of the application.

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Wesley Stevens CEO & Founder @ Quillify

Wesley Stevens, the CEO and Founder of Quillify, is an AI expert with over 10 years of AI and nonprofit experience. His successful track record with SBIR grants from the DoD along with his technical expertise, nonprofit volunteering, and personal understanding of the grant landscape inform his vision to revolutionize how people approach securing funding.