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Quillify is the leading AI grant service provider for both seekers and funders. Partner with us to revolutionize the way grants work for you. Together, we can make grant acquisition easy, accessible, and project/mission-aligned.

Ways to Partner with Quillify

Lead Generation Opportunities

Get qualified leads who are seeking your products or services on a pay-per-lead basis, expanding your reach and enhancing your business prospects.

Partner Network Discounts

Bring Quillify to your network through partner discounts to enhance your users’ ability to secure non-dilutive funding.

Revenue-Share Referral

Become a Quillify sales partner and get a commission for every converting customer that you refer to us.

Integrated AI Workflows

Integrate our cutting-edge AI technology into your funder workflow, helping applicants save time compiling applications.

Featured Partners:

Grant Consultants Program

Are you a grant consultant looking to partner with Quillify? Sign up for our Lead generation services. This Pay-Per-Lead program provides grant consultants with highly qualified leads

Entrepreneurial Support Program

Are you an entrepreneurial support organization? Partner with us to provide alternative avenues for startups to acquire funding through grants and government contracts. Our solutions minimize these time and experience requirements while potentially extending their runway.

Grant Making Organization Support

We help grant making organizations find project-need aligned candidates for closed or limited RFPs. We also standardize and streamline grant making activities for efficiency and impact.

Tech Transfer Offices

We work with leading research universities, like BYU, to help tech transfer offices commercialize and fund IP through grants and government contracts, making it easier for entrepreneurs to license.

Partner In Another Way

Have an idea an want to collaborate? Contact us using the form below. We are excited to hear about how we might work together to promote effective ecosystems.

Quillify Partner Program

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