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Quillify AI is a brand NEW innovative way to get matched to grants and foundations. Let AI do the search and discovery for you!

Find Grants Easily with Quillify AI

Five minutes can get you $150k in grant money for business!

Let AI locate business funding and grants for you in just a few clicks. Our AI grant discovery platform is engineered to sift through thousands of funding options to pinpoint those that can infuse over $150k into your business. Take the leap; spend five minutes with us, and set in motion the opportunity to elevate your enterprise to the next level of success. Say goodbye to endless grant research and writing and hello to a curated list of grant money for businesses that’s ready for you to take. Your time is precious—let’s turn it into your business’s next big funding milestone.

Quillify: Your Shortcut to Grant Money

  • Effortless Grant Matching: Quillify AI swiftly matches you with grants and foundations that will fund your business, bypassing the need for endless manual searches for “business funding”, “grant money for businesses”, and “grant writing help”.
  • Streamlined Funding Process: Quillify simplifies your journey to secure grants, making the acquisition of business funding grants a more time-efficient endeavor.
  • Access to a Vast Grant Network: Quillify unlocks a wide array of funding, from small business grants to specialized foundations, broadening your business financing options.

Who Can Benefit From Quillify's New Automatic Grant Matching System?

Academic Institutions

Quillify streamlines grant discovery on behalf of academia and public education sectors, seamlessly connecting professors, PhD candidates, tech transfer departments, and K-12 schools to grants for specialized research projects.

Stay ahead of the funding curve with our real-time alerts that notify you of the latest matching grant opportunities perfectly aligned with your academic pursuits.


Aligned with not for profit grant writing, Quillify pinpoints social mission-driven grants and foundations. Our AI grants finding platform eliminates exhaustive grant searches, trimming down admin costs and channeling more funds directly into societal impact.

Our expert grant writers for nonprofits ensure superior grant applications to maximize success.

For-profit Businesses

Raise capital for business through our new business financing option aka nondilutive grant acquisition. We locate business grants for small businesses and startups eager for growth and innovation.

For venture capitalists, Quillify is a valued partner, offering an additional resource to their portfolio companies to access critical capital without sacrificing equity.

Defense Contractors

Quillify expertly targets niche research for DoD SBIR funding, matching your unique projects with specific agency needs from DARPA, the Navy, and the Air Force for optimized grant pursuit.

Our platform ensures your endeavors align with the latest SBIR grant requirements, maximizing your potential for successful funding acquisition.

Say goodbye to cumbersome, time consuming processes to getting grant funds.

Get on the Fast Track to Funding

Quillify is your pathway to the best business funding options. Our AI grant finding platform directly connects you to the capital and funding options you need, efficiently and effectively.

Find Grants in
5 Minutes

Just 5 minutes is all it takes on Quillify to bypass hours of grant discovery. Our efficient application saves you time, directing your energy towards your business initiatives, not endless forms.

Precise Foundation Matching

Quillify’s AI narrows down foundations best suited to fund your projects. Our targeted discovery process ensures you connect with funders ready to invest in your business vision, optimizing your time and funding prospects.

Grant Writing Resources

Access Quillify’s expertly curated grant writing assistance—packed with tools, templates, and tips. Elevate your grant proposals with our comprehensive grant writing support tailored to secure business funding success.

Professional Grant Writing Services

Quillify’s dedicated grant writers for nonprofits and businesses deliver exceptional support to enhance your funding strategy. Benefit from our professional grant writing services designed to secure successful grants with precision and expertise.

Three Easy Steps to Funding

Step One: Share Your Vision

Briefly detail your project’s funding needs. Our AI system zealously works to tailor your grant search with laser precision. Just review and approve—the heavy lifting is ours.

Step Two: Let AI Find Your Ideal Grant

Quillify’s AI navigates through extensive grant and foundational databases, pinpointing the optimal funding options for your business’s growth stage.

Step Three: Review With Our Experts

Our experts use AI insights, ensuring your application resonates with grant-makers’ objectives. Trust our strategic guidance to elevate your chances in the grant acquisition journey. 

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Every time you don't get accepted, your business is missing out on thousands of dollars.

Winning a grant is not an easy feat. It can be outright frustrating, confusing, and expensive. Quillify resolves all of this for businesses just like yours. It takes lots of money t o be a successful company and we want to make sure that you get it. We’re your partner in success.

Quillify AI Revolutionizes the Grant Funding Experience

Why Quillify?

Approximately 80% of grant applications are denied. You don't have to be one of them.

Increase your chances of funding approval success by 50% risk-free.

What our customers say...

As an industry expert, I see Quillify.ai as a game-changer in Grant applications, addressing long-standing challenges for enhanced success.

The Quillify.ai technology marks a massive improvement over existing grant discovery options, standing out as the best solution I’ve ever seen!

I am excited about Quillify’s potential to transform the non-profit sector in securing funding for nonprofits and easing the grant writing process. 

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